Otter House Card & Gift Catalogue 2022

115 Brainteasers POWER-WING CODE: DS444 The power-wing uses the same design structure as the base unit and can be fitted either side, it also uses the same components as the base unit, again making it highly adaptable. Stand size: 50 x 190 x 30cm BASE UNIT CODE: DS426 This is the base unit that can accommodate all types of gift products. You can add individual components to this stand or increase the versatility/capacity with additional power-wings. Stand size: 50 x 170 x 56cm 4 PRONG UNIT CODE: DS445 This is ideal for displaying hanging stationery products. BASIC SHELF UNIT CODE: DS424 The most adaptable unit available and can stock all of our gift ranges. 3 PRONG UNIT CODE: DS452 Ideal for displaying the Riverbank mug range or any unboxed ceramics. CARD & STATIONERY POCKET CODE: DS451 An attachment used for displaying stationery products or card collections to complement any of the gift ranges. BRAINTEASERS CDU CARDBOARD CDU BRAINTEASER CDU CODE: DS474 (includes header card) • Holds 48 Brainteaser games (8 titles x 6 of each) • CDU size: 63 x 45 x 46cm (with header) 63 x 29 x 46cm (without header) INTERCHANGEABLE GIFT STAND COMPONENTS STANDS Stands & Displays